How to Faux Leather

You will need  regular old masking tape .coordinating ink pads.Either pigment or dye should work. I use dye ink pads for this. (Distress Inks are dye pads),Clear embossing powder and a heat gun.


Tear masking tape into pieces and randomly cover a card stock base.

The entire base must be covered, so lots of overlapping will be required.

The overlapping is what creates the great texture,

When your base is completely covered,use your stamp pads to rub over the masking tape surface. I usually use two or three colours,No more.

When you are satisfied with how yourpoiece looks,sprinkle clear embossing all over it. Tap off excess.

Use your heat gun to melt the embossing powder. Comes out nice and pebblelike .

No,I didn’t leave out a step. You do NOT need to use embossing ink  to get the embossing powder to stick. For some reason it sticks to the masking tape surface without any help.

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