Background Technique

The  technique is called “SCRUNCH”.

Find a nice colorful glossy magazine picture. Garden pictures work well.

Scrunch up the picture well and adhere to card stock the desired size. White glue or Mod Podge work well.

A brayer may be used to make sure it is well stuck.

Let dry.

When dry, use Gesso or white acrylic paint on a sponge and go over the” scrunch” lightly.

Let lots  of color show.

Let dry again.

Now take a gold stamp pad and gently rub over entire piece to highlight just the very top of the ridges.

Originally learned from Technique Junkies


  1. 1
    Sylvia Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this technique that you found.. It is very beautiful, Sylvia

  2. 2
    Von Says:

    It certainly is affective and it’s going on my todo list:)
    thank you for shairing

  3. 3
    kat Says:

    What an awesome background technique – thanks for sharing!

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